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It is amazing the impact a honey bee can have on a community.

The Caribbean is the likely the birthplace of Apiculture in the Western World. Beekeeping was first introduced by the early Spanish explorers around 1500 in Hispaniola. As well as being needed for pollinating crops, bees produce honey and beeswax. This becomes a sustainable income producer for many farmers in third world countries.

Bees Beyond Borders is comfortable In the field and in the lecture hall We are enthusiastic about our work. We tailor our presentations and workshops to beginners and advanced agricultural agents. We bring the latest information and techniques to the beekeeper. Apiculture helps keeps a strong agriculture base in the Caribbean. Everyone needs to eat and eat locally with fresh crops.

Beekeeping is a long-term sustainable income producer and can produce revenue in any economy.

Educating people in the art of beekeeping is BBB’s passion. We like to focus on the next generation of beekeepers  - especially women and youth groups.


South Florida Bee College, Aug.2016

This event is Free for all Caribbean Beekeepers   

Bee Culture Magazine; March 2016

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